Hunter Biden’s Former Business Partners tried to ‘get Joe Involved’ in 2017 Deal with a Chinese Energy Company

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Newly uncovered texts dating back to May of 2017 between two of Hunter Biden’s former business partners, Tony Bobulinski and James Gilliar, point to Joe Biden’s involvement in a joint venture Hunter Biden’s SinoHawk Holdings and the Chinese energy company CEFC.

The duo was attempting to make the venture appear like a “true family business,” reeling in Hunter Biden, his uncle Jim Biden, and his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, text messages obtained by Fox News show.

According to exchanges between Bobulinski and Gilliar dating from April 30th to late-May, Gilliar tried to get Bobulinski to bring the Biden family into the deal with CEFC on several occasions.

On April 30th, 2017, Bobulinski asked Gilliar about Jim Biden’s role in the deal. “What is the deal w Jim Biden as he wasn’t part of the discussion but now seems a focal point.” 

“With H demons,” Gilliar responded, “could be good to have a back up, he strengthens our USP to Chinese as it looks like a truly family business, and I like the dude.”

USP typically means “unique selling point” in the context of business dealings. It could also mean “US Persons,” a source told Fox. The texts did not reveal what the Biden family’s extended role in the CEFC deal were, but it’s clear Gilliar was determined to bring them into the discussion.

According to Fox, “in a conversation regarding a meeting which included what appeared to be high-level CEFC executives including the chairman—slated for Sunday, May 7, 2017— Gilliar asked Bobulinski to come up with an ‘a lister to meet chairman Sunday.'”

When Bobulinski asked what he meant by “A ‘lister,'” Gilliar responded on May 4th by saying they needed a “top person at same level as chairman, who would like to access China or money. It’s the way it works culturally for them.” He added it “empowers the B family so therefore us.”

Presumably, their A-lister would have been Joe Biden, or, at a minimum his younger brother, Jim.

The next day, on May 5th, Gilliar texted Bobulinski, “think Joe may come Sunday. I’m hoping.”

“Yah I told Jim that’s a no brainer if he can make it he should be there,” Bobulinski replied.

According to Fox, Joe Biden did not attend the May 7th meeting in question.

“The text messages came during what appeared to be a critical time in the organization of the joint-venture — between Hunter and Jim Biden and their associates, Gilliar, Bobulinski and Rob Walker,” Fox added, “The venture, called Sinohawk Holdings, was meant to be a partnership with Chinese energy firm CEFC.”

Four days after the May 7th meeting with CEFC’s chairman, Gilliar insists once again that Bobulinski get Joe Biden involved. “Man U are right let’s get the company set up, then tell H and family the high stakes and get Joe involved,” Gilliar said in a text.

On May 18th, Bobulinski raised “concerns” about the deal. “H brought in Jim simply to leverage getting more equity for himself and family in the final hour, that is evident,” Bobulinski texted Gilliar.

“I know why the [sic] wants the deal and what makes it enormous, it’s the family name in reality, they could have asked for 51 per cent, maybe u would not be interested but many US moguls would have been,” Gilliar replied.

This exchange took place 5-days after Gilliar sent an email to the group designating a proposed equity split in CEFC in which 10% of the company will be held by Hunter Biden in trust for “the big guy.”

The email specified “10 for Jim,” and “20” for “H” with “10 held by H for the Big Guy?” Bobulinski confirmed in an interview that “the big guy” refers to Joe Biden.

“The following day, in an extended discussion, Bobulinski asked Gilliar if he had spoken to ‘rob or H,'” Fox claims. 

“‘No I haven’t,’ Gilliar replied. ‘Spoke with Jim 15 mins ago and told him to get H to call u, think he’s with Joe in Wilmington.'”

FOX News

On May 20th, Gilliar warned Bobulinski “don’t mention Joe being involved, it’s only when u are face to face, I know u know that but they are paranoid.”

Bobulinski replied, “OK they should be paranoid about things,” to which Gilliard responded with “for real.”

Gilliar denies Joe Biden had any knowledge of this or any business dealing involving his family. He told the Wall Street Journal in October, “I am unaware of any involvement at any time of the former Vice President.” However these texts, if real, contradict his previous statement.

Joe Biden has previously and continues to deny any knowledge of his son Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings with several companies tied to the Ukrainian, Russian, and Chinese governments.

The Biden campaign and Hunter Biden came out last week, revealing Hunter is currently under investigation for his “tax affairs.”

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