PA Elementary School Principal was Fired for Sharing Conservative Memes on her Personal Facebook Page

Teacher fired over sharing anti-Biden memes sues PA school district | Daily  Mail Online

The principal of Evergreen Elementary, located a few towns North of Philadelphia, was fired over the summer allegedly for sharing conservative memes on her personal Facebook page.

In a post on the Facebook page No Left Turn in Education, an admin shared former Evergreen Elementary principal Amy Sacks’ story. “I was terminated because I expressed right of center political views—PRIVATELY,” Sacks wrote. “The political memes which caused me to lose my job can be found at this link.” She and her lawyers believe she was targeted for her ideology.

According to Sacks, her memes and posts did not cross any lines, and were well within her right of free expressions.

Sacks was an educator in the district for 20-years, “with an impeccable performance record,” according to a statement from her lawyer. she is a third generation resident of the town, and a graduate from the district. The statement adds, “Superintendent Dr. Barbara Russell, told Amy without notice or warning on June 22, 2020 that she was terminated as principal because of political memes posted to Amy’s personal Facebook that Russell found offensive.”

“The superintendent allegedly informed Sacks that her termination was because her posts were ‘offensive, unacceptable, and unprofessional,’ and because she believed Sacks to be ‘racist,'” The College Fix reported.

Calling out Perkiomen Valley School District and their Superintendent Barbara Russell, Sacks says district administrators “have decided that the First Amendment Freedom of Speech has no place in public schools and that teachers and administrators are unfit to serve if they hold and express political beliefs that are right of center.”

According to her lawyers, “Amy has a near absolute right to free speech on her private Facebook account.” The districts actions violated her 1st Amendment rights, and her private political speech is also protected Board of Education bylaws, citing Board Policies 320 and 321 which encourage employees to privately participate in politics and civics.”

Sacks’ lawyers also contend the district illegally fired her without notice or due process. At no point was Amy advised to get counsel, nor was she informed of her rights; instead she was viciously threatened with career ruination if she tried to contest anything happening,” her attorney continued.

Sacks, who was “Principal of one of the best performing elementary schools in Pennsylvania,” and her husband have filed suit against the district to reinstate her as principle, and are seeking $500,000 in damages for “emotional turmoil.” Her full statement can be found below.

Many of you know that I am no longer the Principal of Evergreen Elementary at this time. However, the circumstances surrounding this situation have been kept quiet until now. I am reaching out to you today to share with you that as Principal of Evergreen Elementary School I was terminated because I expressed right of center political views—PRIVATELY. The political memes which caused me to lose my job can be found at this link;…/1P-cuJQRbMjhnPxBav…/view… . As can be seen, nothing that I did was even borderline unacceptable–they were simply political viewpoints. However, Perkiomen Valley School District and Superintendent Barbara Russell have decided that the First Amendment Freedom of Speech has no place in public schools and that teachers and administrators are unfit to serve if they hold and express political beliefs that are right of center. This cancel culture within the public school system has to stop. I was Principal of one of the best performing elementary schools in Pennsylvania and still fell victim to being cancelled out by liberal bureaucrats who don’t believe in diversity of thought, speech, opinion, or political affiliation. With the support of my husband and family, I have decided to challenge the school district by filing a lawsuit against them to save my job. The lawsuit can be found at this link;…/1mp1GHUj8rKdvS9aCdbb…/view…. In doing so I hope to lead by example and inspire others to stand against the erosion of our constitutional rights in America. Your support also means the world to me and is helping me to stand strong and fight for what is right. Know that if you have been similarly victimized, that you do not have to fight alone and many people are ready to help.Please share my story with others, forward, repost, and write the school district, the press, and your local congressman to help push things in the right direction. If we don’t stand for something, we stand for nothing. If this happened to me—as Principal—then the situation in the public schools is rapidly deteriorating.This is a time of year where we are reminded of family, friends, and things that are important to us. For those who have been there supporting me from the beginning, I am grateful for your support. For those who are just learning about this now, I am thankful for your consideration in helping me save my job as Principal of Evergreen Elementary.Please understand that this is a very difficult issue for me to address and that it has hurt my family and ruined my career, but I have felt it necessary to let my family, friends, and others know the truth about what happened to me and why. Because this is hard for me to talk about, and because there is ongoing litigation, please contact my attorney Francis Malofiy at (215) 500-1000 if more information is needed. A press release can be found at this link;…/1AZUZiKl8UBA…/view… .My love to you and your family during this Thanksgiving season. Amy

Memes shared by Sacks include posts labeling high profile Democrats like Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi “the virus,” calling for people to vote them out.

In one posting Saks declared Democrats Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as being ‘The Virus’, while people voting at the ballot box to be ‘The Cure’

In another meme, Sacks said she’d rather vote for a potato than Joe Biden.

Other postings from around the same time showed her clear opposition to having Joe Biden as president

Several meme referenced and denounced the mass looting a rioting that occurred amid nationwide Black Lives Matter protests in major cities. Others attacked stringent lockdowns and panic surrounding the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. While all are right wing and politically controversial in their own way, as pretty much every political take is, there’s no evidence of her sharing anything ‘racist,’ or outside the mainstream of typical political discourse.

One meme accused politicians of being ‘professional looters’ and juxtaposed an image of Congress next to people looting from stores that had been smashed during rioting
Another meme suggested that the coronavirus pandemic was a deliberate attempt to have Trump removed from office
No matter their content, however political or controversial, Sacks' lawyers believe that the school board's sacking of her is illegal and is now suing the District claiming she never so much as received a warning. Another meme she shared is seen above
In another posting, Sacks also made light of the situation affecting the U.S. with the virus coupled with civil unrest
Another meme gave ideas on how to possibly attack others using fly spray
In this meme, users on social media falsely claimed a children’s hospital in Dallas, Texas was set on fire
Sacks would often post conspiracy theories or liken news posts to a 'left wing agenda

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