Woman Arrested for Assaulting 7-Year-Old Trump Supporter and Stealing MAGA Hat

Pro-Trump Mother Speaks Out After Women Rip Up Signs, Steal MAGA ...

After a gut wrenching video of two women assaulting a mother and her child outside the DNC Convention Wednesday night, Olivia Winslow, 21, was arrested by the Wilmington Police Department and charged with “second-degree robbery, second-degree conspiracy, and endangering the welfare of a child,” according to Law and Crime. The second woman seen in the video has not yet been charged.

The Daily Caller reported, “Abbey Wigton, who says she was carrying a pro-Trump sign, and her 7-year-old son Riley Wigton, who was wearing a MAGA hat, were waiting to be seated at a restaurant when when two women, who Abbey claims are Biden supporters, allegedly began assaulting the pair.”

Wigton, a field director at Turning Point USA, told reporters, “they ripped the sign from my arms and assaulted my seven year old son. The Joe Biden supporters laid hands on my child and ripped his ‘Make America Great Again’ hat from his head while cursing at him and pushing him over.”

In a video recorded by Wigton shortly after the incident began, we can see two women cursing at the mother and son while snatching their pro-Trump signs, and proceeding to stomp on and rip them to shreds.

When Wigton asked whether the two women were destroying her property, the pair smuggly answered “yup.” She can be heard telling them to get away from her before Winslow and her partner snatch a hat belonging to Wigton’s friend off the ground.

Riley Wigton, Abbey Wigton’s son, then ran up to their pair saying, “that’s somebody else’s hat.”

Following the women into the parking lot, Wigton tells her son, who’s in tears at this point, to get his hat back, to which Winslow and company respond with a litany of profanity.

Riley tells his mom to call 911 after the women attempt to shove Abbey out of their way while walking to their car with hat in tow.

As the incident continues to escalate, Riley attempts to retrieve a second Make America Great Again hat that fell on the pavement. Winslow attempted to stomp and kick the hat, but ended up stomping on the 7-year-old’s hand instead.

Winslow then swings at a male friend of Abbey before throwing the hat and signs over the fence of a construction zone. Winslow’s friend had to be held back from attacking Abbey any further.

The attack garnered the attention of Donald Trump Jr, who tweeted, “last night, Joe Biden supporters viciously attacked Riley, a 7 year-old @realDonaldTrump fan. Joe Biden supporters stole Riley’s hat, ripped up his sign & made him cry.” He called the incident “sick.”

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