Trump Tells Reporter to “Ask China” why Coronavirus Testing Matters; Media Labels him ‘Racist’ and Gets Roasted for it

Trump Touts Boost in Testing as Virus Reaches White House

During a televised press briefing on the White House lawn where President Trump boasted the success of the United States Coronavirus testing efforts, the mainstream media decided to hone in on Trump telling a reporter to “ask China” why testing for the Coronavirus matters.

After a short hiatus from the daily press briefings because President Trump saw holding them was a ‘waste of time’ following the media’s tendency to zero in on insignificant details and misrepresent statements by the president – disinfectant-gate – , today’s briefing was meant to showcase the success in Coronavirus testing throughout the U.S. – over 9.7 million tests have been administered domestically, more than any other nation.

However, the mainstream media predictably decided to focus on an insignificant exchange between Trump CBS White House correspondent Weijia Jiang.

Jiang asked, referencing Trump’s praise for American testing efforts, “why does that matter to you? Why is this a global competition to you when everyday Americans are losing their lives and we are still seeing more cases everyday?”

The United States has the highest total Coronavirus death count, but our per capita death rate is about average compared to other Western nations.

In an answer that enraged media pundits and the usual suspects, Trump replied, “well they’re losing their lives everywhere in the world and maybe that’s a question you should ask china. Don’t ask me, ask China, okay. When you ask China you may get an unusual answer.” It’s an obvious two-part response answering, in order, ‘why aren’t you talking about the lives lost every second of every briefing,’ and ‘why does testing matter to you so much.’

After sitting down following the President’s response, Jiang interrupted a CNN corrispondent’s attempt to ask Trump a question by shouting “why are you saying that to me specifically?”

“I’m not saying that to anybody specifically,” Trump responded, “I’m saying that to anybody who’d ask a nasty question.”

Jiang’s interpretation of a consistently given Trump response after asking what he described as an “ugly question” is telling of the mainstream media’s compulsive attempt to divert blame for the Coronavirus and its spread from China to Trump.

Jiang seemed to accept Trump’s response until the idea of labeling the comment as racist came to mind, causing her to interrupt her fellow correspondents question by bolting from her seat.

Throughout this ordeal, every time Trump brings up China as the root cause for the global pandemic progressing to the extent it has, that view is lambasted as racist, insensitive, or the media cites Chinese propaganda as a source countering the claim that China covered up the outbreak in its early stages.

First, demanding Asian wet markets shut down over the suspicion that the virus was first transmitted to humans because some unsuspecting soul ate an infected bat was insensitive to Chinese culture and perpetuated stereotypes. Next, after Fox News reported the virus could have been accidently (or purposely) leaked from the Wuhan Infectious Disease Labs, the media bought propaganda, saying China would never mishandle deadly pathogens.

Now, as Trump is answering an aggressive question poised by a journalist who happens to be Asian, anchors like CNN’s Brian Stelter thinks Trump’s “ask China” comment is laced with “racial undertones” without consideration for the comments accuracy.

Trump is Jiang, and journelists in general, to ask China why testing is now so important.

The response is itself a snarky comeback to a silly question asking, in essence, why mass testing is something to be proud of and why it’s something the administration decided to advance while Americans die, as if expanding testing hasn’t become a talking point among both Democratic leaders and media elites. But a question about testing like this would have never been asked to a Democrat.

House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi even said the focus of Phase 4 of the Coronavirus relief bill must be “testing, testing, testing.” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is featured on cable news every day, to mass applause, calling for more testing.

Trump’s attempt to highlight the great work being done by the administration in addressing a chief pandemic response concern held by most Americans is not him to turning this into a competition, like Jiang suggested, unless you count competing to limit the number of American deaths.

Following the press briefing, #China and #AskChina was trending on Twitter with 900K and 40K tweets, respectively, most roasting Jiang’s attempt to race-bait Trump. Now, #RacistinChief and #TrumpMeltdown are trending with less than 4K tweets. Both are full of people laughing off anyone for insinuating Trump’s comments were anything but accurate and appropriate to the questions asked.

Angry leftists on Twitter are saying Trump went after Jiang because she’s a minority woman and because she’s Chinese, but they fail to expand their vision to see Trump frequently targets China for their disastrous actions on a regular basis to all who’ll listen.

Reporters attempting to brandish Trump a racist for stating a fact about why we have been stuck in our homes for two months are not entitled to his time or attention, which is why I commend Trump’s decision to walk away and end the press briefing instead of feeding the piranhas.

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