VIDEO: ABC Correspondent Admits to Suppressing Pro-Trump Stories

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The undercover journalist organization, Project Veritas, founded by citizen journalist James O’Keefe dropped another bombshell report last Wednesday showing ABC senior correspondent David Wright admitting to being both a socialist and openly suppressing any good stories about Republicans which may come up.

Though it quickly became clear this story went much deeper than just one correspondent.

If the name Project Veritas sound familiar, you may be remembering them from their work towards revealing the bias’s held by CNN producers, Big Tech censorship, and the suppression of the Epstein story by ABC, just to name a few of their many breaking stories. Their stings tend to involve hidden camera interviews with powerful members of news or tech organizations revealing deep rooted biases and tactics being used to push an agenda over objectivity.

In their latest work, “a senior political reporter for ABC News covering the presidential campaign told a Project Veritas undercover journalist his network is unable both to provide relevant news to Americans and function as a commercial enterprise, and the commercial imperative wins in the end,” according to the report.

Senior correspondent David Wright told the ABC insider, on camera, that “we’re not disciplined enough to cut [Trump] off and we second-guess ourselves because we’re sensitive to the accusation that we’re in the tank for the Democrats. And so that enables them, and so we enable them. And every time we take the bait on it and that’s what he wants. It’s totally and abusive relationship. He’s [Trump’s] the nightmare spouse that you can’t win an argument with.”

When asked whether he was a democratic socialist, Wright said, “more than that I would consider myself a socialist; like I think there should be national health insurance. I’m totally fine with reining in corporations, I think they’re too many billionaires, and I think there’s a wealth gap–that’s a problem.”

While it’s perfectly fine for journalists to have bias, I admit I’m a conservative and add a degree of editorializing when covering stories, hiding blatant agendas behind a wall of objective journalisming is why so many Americans have lost faith in the mainstream media.

“We live in a moment where people live in echo chambers and the truth suffers and, in an effort, to compete, we’ve become an echo chamber ourselves,” Wright said. One of the ways to stay relevant, he added, was to cover every silly and stupid tweet made by the president just to appeal to their left wing viewers.

ABC, and other networks, cover three things in regard to Trump: “the outrage of the day, the investigation, and of the palace intrigue of who’s backstabbing whom. Beyond that, we don’t really cover the guy [Trump].”

With this endless cycle of petty attacks against Trump, Wright said, “we also don’t give him [Trump] credit for what things he does do,” and for that, “the truth suffers,” and “the voters are poorly informed,” as a result.

“Our bosses,” he continues, “don’t see an upside in doing the job we’re supposed to do which is to speak truth to power and hold people to account.” It goes to show maybe these stories are being pushed by members of the media’s top brass, which is more in-line with the similar story that came from an undercover report from CNN.

After this story broke, ABC suspended David Wright from his current position and upon his return, Wright will no longer cover politics.

“Any action that damages our reputation for fairness and impartiality or gives the appearance of compromising it harms ABC News and the individuals involved. David Wright has been suspended, and to avoid any possible appearance of bias, he will be reassigned away from political coverage when he returns,” the exclusive statement to Project Veritas read.

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