‘Good Guy with a Gun’ Stops Oklahoma Walmart Shooting

Another hero emerges from a local tragedy, preventing even greater bloodshed. In the midst of public shooting at a Walmart located in Duncan, Oklahoma, an armed citizen subdues the attacker before he’s able to take claim lives.

Three months after a mass shooting inside an El Paso Walmart which left 22 people dead, and days after its reopening, another public attack took place at the superstore chain – this time in the parking lot of one located in the small town of Duncan, Oklahoma.

The attack began at around 9:45 am, according to one witness, where a man, whose identity will not be revealed by this new organization, opened fire on a man and woman, according to a police statement.

“One female and one male were deceased in (a) car and one male outside of the car. A handgun was found on scene,” the statement included.

According to Aaron Helton, local resident and Army veteran, nine shots were fired by the attacker before a bystander approached the madman, put their gun up to to the assailants head, and commanded they cease fire. It was at that point the gunman turned his handgun to himself, committing suicide on the spot.

Both victims and the gunman were pronounced dead at the scene.

Tera Mathis, spokeswoman for the Duncan Police Department, said names, ages and other personal details regarding the victims were not available.

The police department, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office participated in the investigation, Mathis said. She declined to comment on reports that the shooting was an act of domestic violence.

USA Today

Motives have not been determined, and identities of the victims are not available, but there’s reason to believe the attacker may have known the two victims. Though according to the Daily Mail, the attacker “shot and killed his estranged wife and her new boyfriend.”

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