“Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” is Being Printed on Beer Cans

One California beer company is doing its part to keep the story of the year alive and well with a simple trick. Tactical Ops Brewing began printing “2019/11/06 EPSTEIN DIDN’T KILL HIMSELF” “on the blue cans for the Freso-based firm’s Basher Oatmeal Stout,” Fox 26 reported.

After the mysterious suicide of the very well connected multi-millionaire hedge fund manger and pedophile-ring leader Jefferey Epstein while in police custody, the internet went up in roar over the mountain of evidence which suggested foul play.

Many were angry not over Epstein’s escape fro justice, but from the loss of secrets he may have held. Epstein has a well documented relationship with many powerful world leaders, including former president Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew.

The theory of Epstein being murdered after being removed from suicide watch gained new momentum a couple weeks ago when famed pathologist Dr. Michael Baden concluded under his own investigation that Epstein’s injuries, which included a fractured neck bone, were more consistent with strangulation, not hanging.

Though only one batch, or 54 packs, will dawn the possibly true message, the message will continue to live on as all Americans demand further investigation.

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