Trump Announced: “Something very Big has Just Happened”

If there’s one thing President Trump is known for it’s announcing policy and important news through Twitter. Out of nowhere, on a late Saturday night, the president sent a cryptic tweet to his more than 66 million followers. “Something very has just happened,” the president announced. As the country scrambled to decipher what this could mean, our questions were quickly answered as reports began to surface.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the founder of ISIS, was confirmed dead. According to Fox News, “he ISIS leader’s death came in a successful U.S. military operation in northwest Syria Saturday night that took roughly two hours.” After two decades of fighting radical Islam in the Middle East, the United States successfully killed the leader of America’s most dangerous adversary.

According to reports, al-Baghdadi died after detonating a suicide vest after US Special Forces overwhelmed his compound in the Idrib Province. President Trump commented on the circumstances saying, “he died like a dog, he died like a coward,” adding the monster was “running and crying.” Poetic justice.

“When we landed with eight helicopters, a large crew of brilliant fighters ran out of those helicopters and blew holes into the side of the building, not wanting to go through the main door because that was booby-trapped. It was something really amazing to see. I got to watch it along with the general, Vice President Pence, and others, in the Situation Room. We watched it so clearly. … I don’t want to say how, but [it was] as though you are watching a movie,” Trump said during the official announcement.

“No personnel were lost in the operation, while a large number of Baghdadi’s fighters and companions were killed with him,” Trump said, adding that the U.S. recovered “highly sensitive” materials related to ISIS. “You are the very best anywhere in the world,” Trump later said of the U.S. forces.

Fox News

Al-Baghdadi was seen using young children as human shields to deter American troops from pursuing the terrorist mastermind. Though US forces rescued 11 children, three were killed in the blast that killed al-Baghdadi.

“The world is now a much safer place,” Trump said. “God bless America.”

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