“Racist Watch”: Website Reveals the Address of Every Trump Donor

A new website popped up with troubling ramifications, according to a report by PJ Media. “Racist Watch,” a geo-locator by a mysterious group dubbed Public Service Media Group inc., shares the location of every household which donated to the Trump campaign.

A screen grab provided by Megan Fox at PJ Media shows a mapping method commonly seen in apps like Google Maps which pinpoint the home, and name of Trump donors. There’s no doubt the person behind this, slandering all Trump donors and the millions listed on this map as objective racists without evidence, is a twisted individual.

“Reporting truth, not news” is the headline of this gross attempt to publicly shame conservatives. Democratic presidential nominee hopeful Julian Castro’s brother, current Congressman Joaquin Castro faced massive amounts of public backlash for doing this to voters in his own district last month.

Two days ago, when this site was first spotted at the edges of the internet, the tracker was fully operational. However, at the writing of this article it appears the site is temporarily down. It could be due to legal ramifications, or maybe, like written on the page, it “will be up shortly with all new mapping of recent Trump Donors.”

Whatever the case may be, this attempt to demonize republicans and publicly shame people for their beliefs is truly evil and unamerican.

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