Beto O’Rourke Told Kent State Protesters Only the Government Should have Guns; Only One Problem…

Former Texas Representative Beto O’Rourke, who’s now running for the Democratic 2020 nomination, held a rally at Kent State University earlier this week where in front of hundreds of students the presidential hopeful reiterated his stance that the government will “mandate that every single [AR15] be bought back.”

O’Rourke, who is struggling to reach more than 4% in the polls among likely Democrat primary voters, had been trying a new tactic in order to garner support for his floundering campaign – focus on gun control. He had gone viral after the 3rd DNC debate for saying “hell yes, we’re going to take your AR15, your AK47,” confirming suspicion among gun owners that his election would mean a total gun confiscation.

Ironically, at the Kent State University rally, Beto was confronted by peaceful protesters open carrying AR style rifles. Ohio is an open carry state where there is no permit required to freely carry a non-concealed firearm, though students are prohibited from doing so on school ground.

In a tweet, O’Rourke said the protester were attempting to “intimidate us in our own democracy,” citing Kent State as the location where 4 students were gunned down 49 years ago. He added, again, that every firearm needs to be bought back by the government, essentially outlawing gun ownership and trashing the 2nd Amendment.

Only one problem with this take – the Kent State massacre was carried out by members of the Ohio National Guard against unarmed and peacefully protesting students. The gun grabbing politician’s rhetoric backfires with twitter users pointing out the irregularities and hypocrisies. One saying “when picking a place to say you don’t need guns for defense, picking a spot where the government murdered students isn’t the best spot.”

O’Rourke refers to these rifles as “potential instruments of terror,” though rifles of any kind, including bolt action and non-AR style, make up only 4% of homicides nationwide.

Sadly, because of the history of violence, the government failed its background check I cannot sell my firearms ‘back’ to the government.

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