Ms. Nevada Stripped of Her Title for being Conservative and Supporting Trump

After winning the crown of Ms. Nevada and being set to compete in the Miss America pageant, Katie Williams received some troubling news in the days and weeks leading to the competition she spent years working towards.

In an emotional video posted to both her Instagram page and public Facebook page, Williams revealed she was abruptly stripped of her title, and the coordinators were attempting to extort her into keeping this incident a secrete. The former Ms. Nevada broke the news by saying she received “many emails from coordinators saying [she’s] ‘too political.'”

After being warned that her conservative social media presence violated pageant rules, Williams was told the only way to rectify herself and keep her crown was to “delete everything” political off her pages. She would also be barred from posting anything else political in the future. The problem was coordinators never made it clear leading up to her dethroning what was and was not permitted.

Williams celebrating her victory of the Ms. Nevada pageant

Though she took steps to separate her political life from her pageant persona by creating separate pages for personal views and for pageant related posts, none of that mattered to the coordinators who stripped Williams of her title weeks before she was set to take the stage at the Miss America Pageant September 9th.

Everything was already paid for – plane tickets, outfits, hotel rooms, sponsorship’s – by Williams. In order to keep this under-wraps, pageant coordinators attempted to extort the former winner by sending a list of draconian rules she must commit to in order to receive a refund for all she spent preparing for the competition. These rules included returning her sash and crown, a normal request, but she’d also be required to remove any indication from social media that she was the Ms. Nevada winner, not tell people she was the previous winner, agree to not take any legal action towards Miss America Inc., not comment on the incident, and ensure that her friends and family adhere to those rules as well.

No photo description available.
A list of rules Williams must adhere to if she wanted to receive a refund from Miss America.

In the video, Williams said “I just don’t understand how you can censor someone with conservative values when I’m not even really saying anything that’s bad.” Some of the posts she was specifically ordered to delete included a picture of her in a Trump 2020 hat, and posts that said ‘I love America.’

Katie Williams in her Trump 2020 hat

“If I had more liberal views, less conservative views, then this wouldn’t be an issue,” she added in the 8-minute tell all.

According to The New York Post, the Miss America Pageant released a statement saying Williams is “distorting the facts.”

“All the pageant asked of Ms. Williams, in writing, is to keep separate social media accounts. (ie: Facebook) One is for politics where she can voice her own opinion as Katie Williams and the other is a new Facebook page for the pageant representing Ms. Nevada State 2019. She could be a President Trump supporter on her Personal Facebook page all she wants for everyone to read. However, the Ms. Nevada Facebook Page should be devoid of political content.”

Statement made by Miss America Inc.

The official did acknowledge that Williams made a second page for politics, separate from her pageant page, but because the political page had some pageant related content, they considered it to be a second pageant page, thus violating their rules.

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  1. The Miss AMERICA PAGEANT IS NOT SUPPOSED.TO BE POLITICAL, BUT ABOUT THE CHARACTER OF TBE CONTESTANTS. IF THIS IS HOW THE PAGEANT WILL BE RUN IN THE FUTURE, I PREDICT VERY POOR . RATINGS AND an eventual cessation of the pageant altogether May God bless Katie Williams forher stsnce on her principles.
    I promise i will never watch the Pageant again!


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