President Trump Defunds Planned Parenthood; They Chose Abortions over Low-Income Women

Aside from making abortion almost 1/3 of their overall business, there are several good services Planned Parenthood provides. You wouldn’t know because every initiative within Planned Parenthood is designed to drive more business to the ending of low-income women’s pregnancies.

Despite the large pool of female reproductive services to offer, Planned Parenthood made it clear they’d rather discard federal funding for all other services in favor of continuing to refer more and more women to their abortion operation.

On Monday, Planned Parenthood officially withdrew from Title X, a program designed to allocate funds for low-income women, because of a new Trump administration regulation regarding abortion providers.

The new rule states that Title X recipients cannot refer patients to abortion providers, or offer assistance in finding one. As Planned Parenthood carries out hundreds of thousands of abortions every year, more than any other clinic, the organization decided they’d rather lose $60 million in federal funding than act in compliance with this new rule.

The Reaction by Planned Parenthood to the New Title X Rule

Planned Parenthood currently serves approximately 40% of Title X eligible recipient, or 1.5 million low-income women.

The department of Health and Human Services released a statement dismissing critics of the new rule stating “some grantees are now blaming the government for their own actions — having chosen to accept the grant while failing to comply with the regulations that accompany it — and they are abandoning their obligations to serve patients under the program.”

Alexis McGill, acting president of Planned Parenthood had a different take. “The Trump administration has forced Planned Parenthood grantees out of Title X.” McGill adds that “the impact of the Trump administration’s gag rule will reverberate across the country.”

Live Action, a Pro-Life Organization, considers this to be a huge win for life

This decision to withdraw from the program and forfeit the $60 million in funding does not decrease the more than $280 million reservoir of funding available to eligible clinics, it merely opens up that money to be distributed to other compliant organizations that do not refer patients to abortion providers.

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