VIDEO: Protesters Shout “Murder Turtle,” and Other Death Threats Outside Mitch McConnell’s House

In the wake of two deadly mass shootings – one the result of white supremacy, and the other appearing to be an act of mental derangement – a group of gun control advocates gather outside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) house in the middle of the night, calling for violence against him.

Senator McConnell is currently recovering in his home from a fall which fractured his shoulder.

The protest that occurred on Sunday night saw a crowd of about two dozen people, according to Fox News.

Outside the McConnell home, in the dead of night, all that could be heard were the chants “No Trump, no KKK, no Fascist USA!” while others in the crowd dubbed the injured Senator “Murder Turtle.” Protesters are attempting to shift the blame for the mass shootings away from the shooter and onto Republicans they feel have not reacted in ways they approve.

The protesters justified their gathering and actions “because [McConnell] wants thoughts and prayers, when another white man massacres people.”

In the now viral Facebook Live Stream, the sound of banging trash cans and ringing bells echo throughout the night as the group ramp up their aggressive and vulgar commentary towards McConnell.

According to the New York Post, protesters were heard saying “the b–ch home — we keep seeing the lights go on and off,” while another adds “this hoe really thought he was going to get ready to be at home after he hurt his little punk ass shoulder. B–ch, don’t nobody give a f–k! F–k your thoughts and prayers, Mitch. F–k you, f–k your wife, f–k everything you stand for. ”

A male protester off screen is heard in the feed saying that he hopes someone has a “voodoo doll.” A female protester builds on that by saying somebody should “just stab the motherf–ker in the heart, please.”

The hashtag #MassacreMoscowMitch, and #TrumpsTerrorists were both trending on social media following the two tragic and heart wrenching massacres in an attempt to blame them on Republicans. Congressional Democrats are now calling for McConnell to bring gun control legislation to the Senate floor for a vote. McConnell had refused to bring the legislation, which passed through the House in February, up for a vote due to Constitutional concerns.

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