Soccer Star Kelley O’Hara Rescues American Flag Dropped by Teammates

Last Sunday’s World Cup victory isn’t the only reason why two time World Cup winner and Olympic Gold Medalist Kelley O’Hara is making headlines this week. After the US Women’s National Team shut out Netherlands 2-0 in the final game, a seemly insignificant moment is making waves all across social media.

After O’Hare’s teammate and fellow soccer star Allie Long haphazardly throws an American flag to the ground in order to perform a strange celebratory dance along side Megan Rapinoe, O’Hare, still clearly exhausted from the game, is seen swooping in to rescue the flag off the ground.

Many are calling this a huge win for patriotism, others saying she deserves huge respect for a save no one was expecting after a night of saving the goal from balls. If I understood soccer that’d be a better analogy. It seemed almost like second nature, even when cameras weren’t fixated on her.

Kelley’s instinctive reaction shows us what true respect for the nation and the values represented by the flag. The stars and stripes embody more than the government, current politicians, or policies, they stand for the values of liberty, individuality, and freedom. Those values transcend partisanship, and O’Hare proved that.

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