Mexico Sends 15,000 Soldiers to US/Mexican Border to Stop Illegal Crossings

After ceding to pressure from the United States and the Trump administration, Mexico began ramping up its efforts to stem the flow of migrant crossings across the Mexican interior.

Earlier this month, following a 5% tariff threat if no actions were taken by the Mexican government to control the migrant crossings, Mexico agreed to send 2,000 national guardsmen to their Southern border. This added to the already 4,500 troops stationed at the Mexican-Guatemalan border.

According to Mexico’s Secretary of Defense Luis Sandoval, Mexico will now send an additional 15,000 troops to our shared border in a further attempt to control a migrant crisis originating from a 10-year high in border crossings. Secretary Sandoval said “in the northern part of the country, we have deployed a total of almost 15,000 troops composed of National Guard elements and military units.”

As migrants continue to bypass Mexico in a quest to seek refuge in the United States, many in the US have criticized the Mexican government for doing too little to control the recent uptick and humanitarian disaster that accompanies mass movements of poorly supplied people. The recent deployment of troops is an attempt to manage the uncontrollable flow.

However, Sandoval noted that “migration is not a crime, it is an administrative responsibility.” He wants to detain those crossing illegally and promptly turn them over to immigration officials, according to The Independent.

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