Trump Delays Deportation Crackdown; Hopes to ‘Make a Deal’ with Democrats

On June 17th, President Trump announced on Twitter that ICE will begin an immigration crackdown, targeting “the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States” with deportation. This comes weeks after an agreement in which Mexico agreed to ramp up its own efforts to stem the flow of migrants using our Southern neighbor as a highway to the US. Mexico agreed to send 6,000 troops to their own Southern border in order to prevent illegal crossings.

There is a separate agreement in the works which would establish Guatemala as a Safe Third Nation for asylum seekers. Similar to the one the US has with Canada, Safe Third Nation agreements mandate that refugees may seek refuge and must stay in the first safe nation they enter. As hundreds of thousands of South American asylum seekers pass through Guatemala in order to reach Mexico, and eventually the US, this would prevent them from applying for asylum in the United States if they had already set foot in a designated Safe Third Nation.

This most recent deportation threat comes as an attempt to follow through with Trump’s key campaign promise of the 2016 election, and coincides with his recent official announcement of his 2020 reelection campaign.

Early morning on the 22nd, Trump followed up with his deportation ramp-up announcement, which was slated to begin on the 23rd, with another Tweet telling the American people that anyone who enters the US illegally “will be deported.”

However, hours later, Trump backtracked by saying he will delay the order in the hopes of compromising with the Democrats to create a long term solution to the immigration crisis.

Trump announced that he will instead work with Democrats to solve the “Asylum and loophole problem” in lou of an immediate deportation campaign. The situation at the Southern border is at crisis levels as May had seen almost 150,000 crossings, the highest level for a single month in over a decade, putting 2019 on track to have close to 1 million illegal crossings, not including individuals who entered the US via plane or overstayed Visas.

U.S. Borders and Customs Protection

In her request to delay the orders, Nancy Pelosi said these “heartless raids… will tear families apart and inject terror into our communities.” She goes on to add that “families belong together,” referencing the separation of migrant children from the individuals they crossed the border with until identity can be proven. Pelosi called on people of faith to oppose this policy of deportation. Though in her statement, the Speaker of the House made no distinction between legal and illegal immigrants.

While Pelosi and other Democrats are applauding the President’s decision to work towards a long term solution, every proposal Trump put forth was met with unanimous opposition by the left. It is more likely than not that this 2-week delay will bear no fruit.

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