POLLS: Trump More Popular than Pelosi, Schumer, and McConnell

Polls can tell the public a lot about the state of political affairs, especially when an election is fast approaching. Love him or hate him, Trump’s election encouraged far more people from all edges of the political spectrum to become more involved in politics.

With people more engaged, opinion and approval polls hold more weight; people are paying attention to what elected officials do. It can also show the direction political parties are heading.

In the Real Clear Politics rolling average, which utilizes unweighted polling data from a large sample of pollsters – CNN, Fox, Rasmussen, NPR, Reuters, Quinnipiac, etc. – President Trump has both a higher approval rating than Congressional leaders, and his disapproval spread is the lowest as well.

Trump is sporting a 43.9% approval rating, and rising according to some polls, with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi polling at 37.8%, lagging by several points. Democratic Minority Leader of the Senate Chuck Schumer is more than 10-points behind with a 27% approval rating, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell polls even lower with 24.7%.

While Trump’s disapproval rating was still the highest, 52.8%, with Pelosi as a close second at 49.8%, the spread between approval and disapproval is the lowest for the president. Trump has a spread of -8.9%, Pelosi is the second least popular with -12%, Schumer has -14%, and McConnell is last with -21.3%. While no party leader has a net positive among voters, Trump is far more popular (or least hated) among voters than the Democratic establishment. The public and Republicans also show to be more in favor of following Trump than establishment Republicans like Mitch McConnell.

Though Congress doubled its approval rating since 2013, going from 9% to 20% is not very impressive. Congress continued a small upward swing since the 2008 recession’s recovery began around that time.

The most interesting trend was the very apparent upward trend in those who believe the country is headed in the right direction. 31.2% saw the US are going in the right direction while 61.9% did not in November 2016. The amount people who believe the US is on the right track steadily increased over the last 2-years to 37.6% with only 56.8% thinking the opposite. The last time it was that high under the Obama administration was January of 2013.

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