The NY Times Apologizes for Posting an Anti-Semitic Cartoon

On Thursday, a horribly offensive and clearly anti-Semitic cartoon of recently re-elected Israeli Prime Minister and President Donald Trump was published by The New York Times international edition. To make matters worse, the offense was done during the holy week of Passover, a holiday held sacred to the Jewish community.

In a brief statement made by the NY Times Opinion editors, they describe the image as one with “anti-Semitic tropes,” which showed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in dog form, wearing a star of David, guiding a blind President Trump, who was wearing a Yamaka, through the desert.

Thankfully, they state the obvious by calling the image “offensive,” and it’s publishing was an “error of judgement,” leaving one to wonder how many eyeballs had seen this horrible image before it was sent to be printed. They have since deleted the image.

Many are up in roar over the lack of empathy shown by the NY Times, considering the brief statement of acknowledging the wrongdoing, but avoiding any form of apology.

Some even calling for the editorial board to get an intervention on anti-Semitic tropes, and to fire whoever was responsible for this complete incompetence. Jews have the highest per capita victim hood of hate crimes, according to the FBI. Some would argue that by continuing the anti-Jewish rhetoric the NY Times is fanning the flames of anti-Jewish sentiment.

The image which many are calling “anti-Semitic.”

The image suggests that the Jewish people are leading a blind America towards a path which benefits Jews and the people of Israel. It continues the wrong suggestion that Jews and Jewish money controls the government, unduly influencing our policies, and that our politicians have a duel loyalty towards them. Truly disheartening to know it came from a major source like the NY Times

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