The Newest Millionaire Socialist in Congress: Bernie Sanders

The same man who was kicked out of a commune in the 70’s for being lazy and talking about politics all day, and had called breadlines in communist countries “a good thing,” recently announced in a reluctant admission that he too has become a millionaire member of Congress, joining the 50% of Congressmen and the 9% of households who are also millionaires.

After being pressured by the press for not releasing his tax returns, like promised, despite berating Trump for not releasing his, Sanders was forced to share what he was hiding. When asked why he has yet to release a single year’s returns, besides a 2-page summary of his return in 2014, Sanders replied, “we wanted to release 10 years of tax returns. April 15, 2019, will be the 10th year, so I think you will see them.”

Sanders has routinely criticized the capitalistic system, going as far as to deny that he too is a capitalist, yet seems to have no quarrels with benefiting from the free market system. Only under capitalism can the objectors of the system still succeed.

When asked about his newfound public success and publicized assets, Sanders told the NY Times “I wrote a best-selling book. If you write a best-selling book, you can be a millionaire, too.” Interesting how the greatest critic of capitalism, the man who routinely tells middle class Americans the system is rigged against them, that a little hard work can result in millions of dollars. Could it be possible that others who have amassed great wealth had done so through hard work as well? Maybe the whole system isn’t rigged against the little guy.

A key component of Sanders campaign has always been “millionaires and billionaires” are ruining the country, cornering the wealth, and holding down the middle class. Every step of the way, Sanders claims millionaires, like himself, do not pay their fair share. Considering he only paid 13.5% in income taxes in 2014, that might have some merit to it.

Where did Sanders get his immense wealth from? Sanders had written a number of books, including NY Times best seller, Our Revolution, which without a doubt contributed to his large wealth. Weird how working hard to write a book is more worthy of keeping wealth than creating a business. Anyway, he had served as a member of the House for Vermont from 1991 to 2007, after retiring from being Mayor of a Vermont town starting in 1987. He had lived off the public dime for 32 years. 32 years worth of income had come from taxpayers. He has been a Senator from Vermont from 2007 up until now. Meaning, he had taken over $3.8 million in salary during his time in Congress. With wise investing, a large portion of this wealth likely came from tax dollars. He also is the owner of 3 houses. His wife had worked as a college president for a number of years, with the average reported salary being around $200,000 per year.

It is clear the fighter for the working man does not live a modest life, nor does he struggle like the rest of us. Very hypocritical for the enemy of the market to become wealthy from doing nothing in Congress and writing a book.

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  1. His wife bankrupted Burlington College.


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