Running Chart for the DNC Primary Polls

Above is the running average for the DNC 2020 Primary, which will be updated whenever a new poll arises. The graph is not weighted in any particular way.

Biden appears to be holding steady at 30%, though he’s been slipping in several online based polls. After Sanders recent battle with heart disease, he appears to be sliding in the polls as much of his support is flocking to Warren. The Massachusetts Senator is now neck and neck in most polls with the Former Vice President, even surpassing him in many.

Harris is consistently hovering around 5% with no signs of improving. She even fell below Southbend Mayor Pete Buttigeg.

Andrew Yang of the #YangGang is a strong contender among B-Rated candidates, edging out O’Rourke, and Booker.

Everyone else is a rounding error.

Last Update: 10/13/2019

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  1. Good seeing you in my sub feed again. Had to be up early this morn so i
    missed this but ill catch the nxt 1



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