Border Patrol Released 108,500 migrants due to Overwhelmed ICE Facilities

Mere weeks after President Trump’s National Emergency declaration regarding the messy state our Southern Border and immigration system is in, reports continue to come in backing his claim that we are living in crisis times.

According to Acting Director of ICE Ron Vitiello,”in the last 90 days… ICE has released 108,500 family units in the U.S..” Under the terminology Director Vitiello used, ‘family units,’ the actual number of individual illegal aliens being released is likely much higher. Family units are typically 4 people, so the high end estimate could be 400,000 people in the last 90 days. The migrants are being released with a notice and request to reappear in front of an immigration judge at a later date, but because there is no way to track them, many will likely not return. Because of the Flores Agreement from 1997, family units cannot be held longer than 20 day. But, as Vitiello said, many don’t even stay in custody for the 20 days because holding facilities are at peak capacity.

Earlier this year, in the immigration deal which ended the shutdown, President Trump signed a democrat lead bill which cut the number of beds in ICE facilities by almost 20%.

While democrats are fighting the recent National Emergency declaration which will divert nearly $6 billion away from the military and towards the construction of a physical barrier along the border, ICE Director Vitello can be found agreeing with the sentiment of the declaration, saying “there absolutely is a crisis at the border.” As someone who lives and breathes border security, his voice carries a heavier weight than someone with little to no knowledge of on the ground situations.

During the fight over the shutdown, the media failed to report that February border crossings hit a decade long high of 66,000 illegal alien crossings. That’s almost 2,300 a day.

In response to the crisis, the Pentagon had announced $1 billion in funding for 57 miles of border barriers to block narcotic routes. The Department of Defense cites their authority granted by Congress to use allocated funded for counter drug purposes, meaning this $1 billion shift is not part of the national emergency declaration, rather it is a separate expenditure.

Vitiello said “the increase in the flow of migrants and the change in those who are arriving at our border are putting migrants, particularly young children, at risk of harm from smugglers, traffickers, criminals, and the dangers of the difficult journey.” Not only is the system strained, American citizens being victimized, but the migrant crisis is harmful to those making the journey.

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