AOC says her Elitist Green New Deal ‘Isn’t Elitist’

After her Green New Deal proposal was shot down by a 57-0 vote in the Senate, with 4 Democrats voting ‘Nay’ with the entire Republican Caucus, and zero Democrats who had supported the resolution voting ‘Yay,’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went viral with an impassioned speech attacking critics who called her legislation ‘elitist.’

She begins with an emotional plea regarding the health of American citizens, ‘we are all entitled to clean air and water,’ she tells the committee in an unruly manor. The children are dying, we are thought to believe as a picture of a polluted hell hole is painted for those at home. Remember, this is the woman who told us the world will end in 12 years if the Green New Deal was not passed. But this is not the America we live in. American air pollution is at an all time low. We are making tremendous progress through the free market and utilizing regulations already on the books, all without extra government coercion. US emissions per capita is at a 67 year low!

She continues with Flint, the small town in Michigan where people’s water had been contaminated with lead from old, commonly used for the era, lead pipes. Heart wrenching yes, but the story has dragged on for longer than the crisis. As early as 2016, lead levels were 12 ppb, below the legal level of 15 ppb, and in the second half of 2018, lead levels in 90% of test sites were below 4 ppb. Is there work to be done? Of course, but the crisis has long ended; though the finishing touches still should be completed.

People are not dying from pollution, nor the climate. Bad wells, bad storms, these have existed for the entirety of human history, and believing the long term occurrences taking place now are somehow different from deaths by tornadoes 50 years ago is fear mongering. Rising sea levels kill nobody. Seas rise maybe a fraction of an inch per year, do you think folks stand around for 100 years waiting to drown? No, they move.

The real reason behind her irrational rant is not directly the climate change. No, many democrats saw the Senate vote as a ‘sham.’ A sham because the crazy proposal, which had previously been open to banning ‘farting cows & airplanes’ was taken as the joke it is. Though every democrat in the Senate running for president blindly endorsed the policy which would encompass medicare for all, universal employment, and other social justice initiatives, not a single one went on the record in support of it.

Why do we not take her doomsday predictions seriously? Every time a prediction of this magnitude was made, it fell flat. People predicted the icecaps would melt by 2000, or sea levels 50 feet higher by 2012. Scientific models have routinely under predicted the effects of global warming. While it is real and is a potential long term issue, the levels we may experience will not kill us all.

Yes, AOC, science is not a partisan issue. So let’s look at the science behind your Green New Deal. Both the costs and the effects. Over the next 10-years, if the full plan was implemented, meaning we literally rebuilt every building, every car, build hundreds of trains, destroyed the agricultural sector by collectivizing the farms and nationalizing the energy system, along with the medicare for all and jobs guarantee, we’d spend $93,000,000,000,000. $93 trillion. Almost $75,000 per American household per year. If that price tag isn’t elitist, I don’t know what is.

She equates this bold and fresh idea to the government actions of the Great Depression, which, little does she know, had been shown to exacerbate the issue and recession into an actual depression. And no, this is not like WWII either. WWII was a fight against an actual evil empire seeking to murder millions of innocent people and conquer the world. The Nazi’s were a direct threat to Jew and many more driven by a 100% ideology. It was a war against world destruction. This is a fight against wearing shorts 2 weeks earlier.

She would willingly bankrupt the nation, and destroy the economy for a long term convenience. People’s livelihoods will be destroyed, jobs will be gone, we will run out of money long before the projects are completed and the GDP will collapse. Sacrificing people in the here and now for 50 years later is stupid. Saying we made zero progress is a lie. Solar panels, turbines, nuclear energy, clean coal, electric cars, the free market has innovated its way into the future all without AOC’s total control.

But at least it’ll reduce global temperatures, right? Reducing global warming by 0.137 degrees Celsius by 2100? It will do literally nothing. If a $93 trillion vanity project and handing over complete control of the world’s largest economy to a former bartender isn’t elitist, I don’t know what is.

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