Turkish Born Man Apprehended in Dutch Tram Rampage

Mere hours after a deadly rampage in the Dutch city of Utrecht, local officers have apprehended Gokmen Tanis a few miles outside of the town where the attack took place.

The attack began around 10:45 am local time when the Turkish born man, according to a witness, “started shooting wildly” into the tram car. The attack resulted in 3 deaths and 5 people were injured.

Police still do not know the motive of the attack, but the ensuing manhunt forced the closure of several schools, including Utrecht University.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte said the country was “jolted by an attack”, which he described as “deeply disturbing.” In a nation where violence is rare, and crime rates are low, this sudden attack with no clear motive shook the small country to its core.

While motives were unclear, police did not rule out the possibility of the attack being terror related. They’ve also raised the possibility of the attack being due to family troubles, where Tanis was targeting a specific woman on the tram. Someone who know Tanis told the BBC he had been previously arrested due to connections with the Islamic State.

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