Trump Signals Intent to Sign Border Deal

Recovering from the longest government shutdown in American history less than a month ago, lawmakers have been working around the clock to meet Trump’s 3-week deadline for a new deal on border security and wall funding.

A few days ago, members of Congress had reached “an agreement in principle.” Negotiated by the House and Senate Appropriations Committees, the spending bill will encompass 7 separate areas of spending, including the DHS.

Trump, who held a rally in El Passo, Texas last night, spoke under a banner which read “Finish the Wall,” had feuded with Democrats over $5.7 billion for over 200 miles of wall funding. This spending bill only allocates $1.375 billion for “physical barriers.”

Newly elected Congressmen Dan Crenshaw had tweeted out in response to potential Presidental candidate Beto O’Rorke showing a sharp decline in border crossings after the El Paso wall was built.

Though President Trump will get enough funding for 55 miles of the steel slates he requested, this is still a sharp decline in what he initially wanted. The spending bill will also cap the number of ICE beds at detention facilities at 40,520. A decrease from the prior years 49,057. This is a clear move to force ICE to release detainees and illegal aliens into the public due to a lack of housing space.

Trump had told reporters he is “not happy” with the tentative deal, but sources close to the President told CNN he intends to sign the deal in order to avoid another massive government shutdown.

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