Nicholas Sandmann, Student Harassed by the Media for Standing Still, Speaks Out

We’ve seen it in the headlines. ‘Highschoolers harass Native American elder in MAGA hats.’ We were expected to just accept their reality at face value without context, and without question. A photo op moment was captured where a young man, couldn’t have been older than 17, was seen smiling at am old Native Americen protector who was singing tribal songs and beating his drum. The two were posed close together, and the media took this story and ran with it.

Claims of hate and harassment coming from the unidentified young man flooded social media. Even Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren chimed in, calling the incident one filled with ‘hateful taunts.’

Nathan Phillips, the Native American in the clips, told reporters he heard the students say ‘build that wall.’ In the clip Warren shared, he is brought to tears by the incident. “We’re not supposed to have walls here,” he says. He wants the masses to have a desire to take care of the children and the elderly, eliminate prisons, and “make America great.”

He remains the only one to hear ‘build that wall’ directed towards him. No audio recording I could find had proved his claim. No video has shown them acting disrespectful towards him. If anything, the students show tremendous restraint towards a stranger who was in their face.

Many didn’t care. Regardless of the truth, slander was launched towards the main student, who has now self identified as Nicholas Sandmann, and slandered him a hateful racist.

Celebrities like Kathy Griffin with millions of followers are actively calling for the doxxing of this poor student, and for public shaming. All for standing still, smiling, and doing nothing else. This poor boy has been plastered across social media, television, and newspapers for standing. His reputation is potentially in shambles.

He has now come forward with his own testimony regarding the incident, as had many of his classmates. In a written statement, he says he was the one confronted by Phillips, not the other way around as you’d assume based on backlash. He was the one approached, yet he is slandered as a taunter. The students were told to meet at the Lincoln Memorial and wait for their buses to be brought back to Kentucky. He had no choice in being there, but Phillips choose to approach and stay in the crowd of students.

Four “African American protesters” were on the steps as well started to harass the students, calling them awful names. With the permission of their chaperone, they performed school chants in response. Sandmann is not seen doing any chants in the videos.

Around this time, Phillips had approached the students, followed by a cameraman. No one enters a group while being filmed unless they intend on starting some sort of trouble. Phillips willingly approached the group with the intent to start something.

As backed by the video, Sandmann remained still, silent, and made no gestures towards Phillips. His aim was to “diffuse the situation” by remaining calm. He admits to smiling, but when has smiling ever been considered taunting.

Sandmann claims to have received countless threat of violence towards him and his family because of the event from a “social media mob.”

His account seems to be fully backed by video evidence of the event.

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