DNC Removed From Women’s March Sponsor List Due to Antisemitism

The original Women’s March on January 21st, 2017 made headlines as it hosted over half a million people marching for women’s rights the day after President Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United State in Washington D.C. From early on, it was always designated as a left-wing advocacy stunt to garner support against the new president.

The movement, which had a subsequent march the following year and all across the country, is no stranger to controversy. 80’s icon Madonna had shouted her desire to ‘blow up the White House’ during a speech at the march. Also, pro-life feminist groups were denied access to the event. It is no surprise some call them hypocritical for claiming to fight for women’s rights while denying pro-lifers participation.

However, this is not why the DNC, a sponsor for the past two years, decided to pull support. No, it was antisemitic ties to the founders which forced the party to sever ties. DNC Deputy Communications Director Sabrina Singh told CNN “The DNC stands in solidarity with all those fighting for women’s rights and holding the Trump administration and Republican lawmakers across the country accountable. Women are on the front lines of fighting back against this administration and are the core of our Democratic Party.” She refused to comment further on the removal of the DNC from the Women’s March sponsor list. The DNC had been removed as of Tuesday.

Many of the co-chairs of the Women’s March, including Linda Sarsour, Tamika Mallory, and Cameron Perez have a long history of praising one of the biggest antisemitic people in the country. Louis Farrakhan, founder of the Nation of Islam, has frequently bashed Jews, called them ‘satanic’, and praised Hitler. He does not deny, nor fight this criticism. He welcomes it with open arms.

Linda Sarsour, the most famous of the three, had spoken at one of Farrakhan’s events title Justice of Else in 2015, yet continues to deny any association with him, as well as refusing to condemn his evil views.

Image result for perez holding hands with farrakhan

Tamika Mallory and Cameron Perez are pictured above holding hands with the antisemitic pastor back in 2016. There are multiple other photos of them together, perfectly fine with the evil Farrakhan spews. They are complicit in his hate. One one such photo, Linda Sarsour had commented “the brother does not age. God bless him.”

The Anti Defamation League labeled Farrakhan as “America’s leading anti-Semite.” The Southern Poverty Law Center designated the Nation of Islam as a hate group. The co-chairs are yet to denounce their association with him.

Recently, the founder of the Women’s March had called for the trio to step down from their post citing their troubling association with the Nation of Islam.

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