IRS Gave $4.2 Billion in Tax Refunds to Illegal Aliens

This is not new information. For several years it has been known that illegal aliens both fraudulently file for income tax with falsified Social Security numbers, but also receive cash refunds from the IRS.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, the majority of illegal aliens file some sort of federal income tax statement using stolen or falsified information. This in of itself is a felony, and can destroy the credit or life of the person whose SSN they stole. Over 1.4 million people were affected by identity theft from an illegal alien in 2015, but less than half of these taxpayers were notified. The IRS admits to knowing about this, yet takes no action to report the crimes to ICE or stop it from happening. Between 2012 and 2016, 39 million cases of identity theft for IRS tax purposes. Most of these were likely from an illegal alien. These are cases the IRS cannot pinpoint.

According to Forbes, IRS Commissioner Koskinen was perfectly fine with this type of fraud. He told Senators in 2016 that his office would frequently receive notifications of this type of information mismatch, yet he openly sweeps the fraud under the rug. He encourages it so illegal aliens will have better access to jobs in the country, encouraging the problem to continue.

In 2011, a report by the Treasury confirmed illegal aliens had received $4.2 billion in refundable tax credits, despite not being authorized to work here. That is up from less than a billion dollars in 2005.

With the government currently shutdown because of the illegal alien problem, it is sad to know the government had been openly encouraging and enabling the problem for decades. If the tax refunds had continued to increase at a similar rate, the IRS would have paid out far more in refunds to people unauthorized to work in the US, who had committed identity theft to find employment, than the president is asking for his border wall. Reeling in the IRS for a single year would save far more than the $5.7 billion President Trump is requesting for the steel slates.

With total yearly estimates of illegal immigration costing the U.S. taxpayers north of $113 billion a year, IRS tax refunds to ineligible workers make up only 4% of the total bill. Medical care for illegal aliens alone cost taxpayers $18.5 billion a year. It’s like taxpayers are the parents who are forced to care for illegal children.

What strikes the biggest chord of anger is not the cost from the IRS, it’s the fact that they are encouraging them to work jobs unemployed Americans can do. The cost of welfare for those unemployed Americans and the loss to the economy from them being without work is far higher.

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