Laura Loomer Sets Up ‘Illegal Alien Sanctuary’ in Nancy Pelosi’s Yard

Right-wing Activist Laura Loomer, who had made headlines in recent months for handcuffing herself to Twitter HQ in protest of being permanently suspended from the social media platform, is making the front page yet again. This time, it’s over the protection of illegal aliens by top democrats, amid the longest government shutdown in history.

In a 2-hour live stream, Loomer and three alleged illegal aliens hopped the fence to one of Nancy Pelosi’s California mansions. Once on the property, the illegal aliens and Loomer set up a large canopy for ‘processing incoming caravans.’

On the canopy, they hung pictures of those killed by illegal aliens with “immortality” written on it.

Loomer justified her actions by saying “Nancy is a very rich Democrat, and she believes that everyone is welcome here, and sanctuary is a human right.” Speaker Pelosi has been wholeheartedly attacking any measure by the GOP to secure the borders with a wall and end the shutdown. Pelosi does not care about illegals coming into the country, so obviously she must be okay with them entering her yard and setting up sanctuary there.

Loomer then approached Pelosi’s door and confirmed they were locked. It’s almost as if she doesn’t want strangers entering her home, like how Americans don’t want unknown people taking residency in the United States. They proceeded to label Pelosi a ‘bigot’ for not wanting illegal aliens to enter her home.

After police arrived about an hour into the live stream, they asked for ID from Loomer who told them “Gavin Newsom [the CA governor] said we don’t need ID’s.” She and the three illegal aliens were eventually kicked off the property by police.

Nancy Pelosi still has not commented on the incident.

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