Kamala Harris Teases Presidential Run; “I Might”

Former California Attorney General, and current California Senator Kamala Harris is officially possibly throwing her hat in the presidential race. Senator Harris, who has served her state since 2017, would be the second Democrat in what will surely be a crowded field to announce their candidacy, behind Elizabeth Warren.

On the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, when asked whether she was planning on running for president, Harris responded with a nod, a laugh and said “I might.” This is the closest she has come to officially declaring her candidacy. Considering she has scheduled a trip to South Carolina, the 4th presidential primary location, it is all but certain she will soon be an official candidate.

But what does this freshman senator stand for? After two years in the Senate and many more in local politics, it is important for voters to fully understand her political beliefs. On The Issues collects voting records and public statements for all politicians so voters can have a better understanding of what can be expected.


Harris has introduced a repeal of the Trump tax cut which primarily, among other things, reduced the corporate tax rate from 35% to 20%, putting us more in line with European tax rates. Harris would remove this deduction and replace it with a $6,000 tax credit for middle class families, and a $3,000 credit for low income families. Instead of targeting businesses to promote economic growth, she targets consumers to give them direct cash.

She is also in favor of protecting entitlements from cuts, and more welfare programs. She also believes in mandated health insurance coverage and maintaining the Affordable Care Act. She also endorses Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare-for-All’ approach. Her ideal system would be one where everyone is entitled to taxpayer funded insurance.

The TPP, in her opinion, was not effective because it does not protect workers rights.


Harris has recently compared ICE to the KKK, citing the potential for the agency to strike fear in the hearts of illegal aliens, who she believes did nothing wrong. She is against a wall and limiting immigration. She has come out in favor of the DACA protection program. She has defended California’s status as a ‘sanctuary state.’ It is no secret she is in favor of open borders and allowing more illegal immigration into the nation.

Foreign Policy

She has stated she stands with Israel, but also supports a two-state solution. She has, however, come out against the BDS movement. BDS stands for ‘boycott, divest, and sanction.’ The movement aims to weaken Israel’s economic potential by encouraging countries, consumers, and companies to cut all ties with the country.

During the 2017 chemical attack by Syria, Harris came out in favor of the use of force against Assad. But she also voted to remove troops from Yemen following the slaying of Khashoggi.


She believes in abortion fully covered by insurance, but she also wants all people to have medicare. Meaning she wants abortion to be tax-payer funded.


She has come out against the use of body cameras by the police. She also does not want to imprison non-violent offenders, rather, law enforcement should target gangs and violent criminals. She is also against the death penalty in all uses.

As for drugs, she is strongly against the War on Drugs, and believes it has destroyed communities. She would rather legalize low priority drugs, like marijuana, and avoid prison for drug offenders. Rehab programs would be better suited for them.

Gun Control

She has a 7% rating from the NRA, and advocates for greater restriction on the right to bear arms. She frequently advocates for less access to firearms. She also is against allowing teachers to be armed to protect student. She is also in favor of banning ‘assault weapons,’ a term used to label all commonly used sporting weapons.

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