President Trump Delivers Powerful Speech to the Country over Border Security

As the government shutdown reaches its 18th day, making it the 2nd longest in modern history behind the 21-day 1995-1996 shutdown, President Trump presented his case to the nation for a $5.6 billion investment in a border wall.

In recent days, President Trump had threatened to bypass Congress and declare the situation at the border a ‘national emergency,‘ granting him the power to divert military funding towards the Department of Homeland Security for construction of the border wall. This move would not be unprecedented as there have been 31 ‘national emergencies’ since 1979 still in effect. The earliest being enacted after the Iran Hostage Crisis in 1979, which is still in effect to this day. The most recent began a little more than a month ago on November 27th; a ‘national emergency’ regarding the protests in Nicaragua.

Earlier today, Vice President Pence called the border situation an “undeniable crisis,” and urged democrats to work towards sensible border security funding. The White House address tonight is over the ‘humanitarian and security crisis on the Southern border.

Though many networks had considered denying airtime, considering President Obama had given 20 oval office addresses, it seems right to let the President present his case. Many sites are making moves to ‘fact-check’ in real time, assuming the real-time fact checkers are themselves credible.

President Trump begins his speech by calling the problem a “growing humanitarian and security crisis,” while praising generous intakes of legal immigrants. He cites the safety concerns of both crime and drug trafficking along with issues regarding wage suppression caused from low skilled workers. This, he says, most directly affects minority workers.

Vicious coyotes use migrant children as pawns, and, as President Trump says, sexually assaults 1/3 of migrant women. Early on, he aims his proposal at tackling the human trafficking “crisis.”

After listing off the many various approaches aimed at tackling the humane treatment of migrant children, he concedes the ‘wall’ will not be concrete, rather it will be steel slates.

Democrats, as he said, had supported the construction of a physical barrier multiple times in the past. Schumer, Obama, and Clinton all voted for the Secure Fence Act of 2006. Essentially, they voted for a border barrier.

The government is shutdown because “democrats will not fund border security.” This is the single issue which is holding up the reopening of government.

He wants to rise above partisan politics for ‘common sense’ border security, as he said. He branded his compassionate approach for expedient family reunification and domestic protection as the obvious choice. The blame was place on obstructionist democrats.

People build walls around their homes because you love those inside your walls, not because they hate those outside them. It is a matter of compassion for your people, not hatred for those outside.

In the 10 minute speech, President Trump listed several individuals who had recently been killed by illegal aliens, including Officer Ronil Singh who was killed on December 26th during a routine traffic stop.

The speech was ended by President Trump calling for Democrats to come to a sit-down with him on Wednesday to reopen the government and fund a barrier.

Both Speaker of the House Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader had a chance to rebut the presidents statements. Both because their short speeches by saying the shutdown was because President Trump failed to get Mexico to pay for the wall. Both had called barriers “ineffective,” while Schumer went further and called it “expensive” even though the steel slats would cost 0.1% of the US budget.

Pelosi did not want to punish 800,000 federal workers for the shutdown, which they blame Trump for. She conceded that “we all agree we need to secure our borders” but does not want to use a barrier for that. She did not cite anything to claim walls do not work; her segment was full of generic rhetoric.

Schumer added that President Trump was “govern[ing] by temper tantrum” and this was an “appeal to fear.” President Trump’s speech was not inaccurate, nor were there any fear mongering. The statements were accurate so it was a matter of whether you value the problems as important or not. They both want to separate the government shutdown from the border debate. There is almost no chance for a border wall to be funded if it were left to Congress.

Where Trump made an appeal to both the facts of the Southern situation and humanitarian crisis, the democratic duo attacked Trump for being ‘misleading’ and ‘hateful.’ Trump came out on top with this.

You can watch the full speech below:

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