Elizabeth Warren Announces Bid for Presidency

It’s official, the 2020 election cycle is now underway. While President Trump has long decided he will seek reelection, even deciding on the campaign slogan ‘Keep America Great,’ no democrat had thrown their hat into the ring until now.

Several were rumored to either run or consider running, including Senator Bernie Sanders, former Vice President Joe Biden, and failed Texas Senatorial Candidate Beto O-Rourke.

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, a former Harvard Law professor and self described Native American, is the first to officially launch an ‘exploratory committee’ for president. Warren made the announcement on her newly formed YouTube channel and Twitter earlier on New Years Eve.

Exploratory committees are essentially precursors to political runs. They aren’t official campaigns, but whenever one is formed, 9 out of 10 times they run.

Senator Warren has come under fire in recent months for her inconclusive DNA test when attempting to back up claims of Native American heritage. The results found she is as little as 1/1024th Native American. President Trump dubbed her ‘Pocahontas’ ironically.

In her official announcement video, she explains America made a ‘promise for citizen to be able to take care of your family.’ The theme of the video seems to revolve around this promise, and making it true for everyone, however, this optimistic tone does not last beyond the intro.

After touting her family’s military service, and telling a brief family background, she dives into the hardships American’s face while making claims of individual entitlement, and checking her own privilege.

It isn’t long before she begins playing the identity politics card. She uses a graph of income share to show the struggle of working class families, despite median income for all groups remaining steady or increasing over the past 50 years adjusting for inflation for all wealth brackets. In an attempt to appeal to minority voters, she says black families have it even tougher.

To appease the growing socialist branch of the democratic party, she talks about how America’s ‘promise’ isn’t available for everyone. Specifically singling out minority and working class individuals.

The video then goes on the offensive, finally putting a face to her target. Big business, billionaires, and the wealthy are to blame, she claims. The rich have become an easy scapegoat for people on the left. She says we “crippled unions” and gave the wealthy big and unfair tax breaks. Most of the video is an attack on wealthy Americans and Wall Street.

While saying “corruption is poisoning our democracy” she cuts to clips of Steven Mnunchin, Mitch McConnell, and even Paul Ryan holding a cake with a dollar sign on it. Typical demoralization tactic designed to heavily imply corruption of the GOP without directly stating it.

“Big banks rip off consumers” while insurance companies deny coverage. Nothing is cited.

She claims everyone against her i.e. republicans support an “echo chamber of fear and hate.” This video concludes with the tired attempt to brand everyone on the right as racist and evil. Though she wants to fight division, labeling the other side as hateful is the most divisive thing one can do. She plays ‘build the wall’ chants after showing images of minorities, gay couples, and Muslim congressional elects.

She boasts America is down a ‘dark path,’ lacking in opportunity. She is still under the illusion that America is still a racist and bigoted nation where democracy is under constant threat, even after we just came out of an election cycle.

Campaign announcements are usually nothing more than propaganda, and this is no different. It lacks a unifying message and attacks the morality of people who oppose her. Not a good way to start.

You can watch the full video down below.

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