Schools in Iowa Offer Gun Safety Course

Two middle schools in rural Iowa join the small, but growing list of schools which offer short gun safety classes for it’s students.

This spring, students in the Clarksville and North Butler school districts will be required to take a 10 hour hunting safety course as part of the PE curriculum.

According to CBS 2, Joel Foster, the superintendent of both districts, said the idea was brought up last year during a school safety discussion. Trained firearm and hunting specialists from Butler County Conservation will be teaching this week long course.

Foster says “It’s about all kids learning how to handle a firearm in a safe manner. Any time that a kid might be exposed to a firearm they need to make sure they know how to handle it and make sure it’s safe.” With more people owning firearms in the country now more than ever it’s important to make sure young people are taught to handle them safely and with confidence.

Only replica firearms with no ammunition will be used in the class.

They are not the first school to do this. Back in 2016, a Colorado middle school hosted a 3 day program where the local sheriff’s department brought firearms into the school to teach proper handling. This program concluded with a trip to the gun range.

With growing concern over accidental gun deaths and injuries, teaching today’s youth how to properly handle a common tool is the best way to prevent these tragedies. The earlier kids are exposed to firearms, the more they will learn to respect them, and the less likely they are to misuse them. With safety being our schools number one priority, police departments should work with their local school district to teach young kids how to be safe around firearms.

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