Pres. Trump Reverses Back-Step on Border Wall Funding; Threatens Shutdown Again

In a stunning and last minute reversal to statements made just a few days ago, President Trump announced in a tweet this morning that he will not be signing the spending bill that was passed by both the House and Senate without funding for his long promised Border Wall.

On Tuesday, President Trump signaled he will be willing to sign a spending bill to prevent a partial government shutdown despite it containing no provisions for Wall funding. The U.S. was able to pledge $10.6 billion to Mexico and Central America to promote stability in the region, but could not muster up $5 billion to begin construction on the wall.

Criticism for Trump’s backtrack on the wall funding threat peaked when Trump unfollowed Ann Coulter, one of his longest supporters, after she wrote a column attacking his decision.

He made the official statement to republican representatives from both the House and the Senate this morning. Speaker Ryan agreed with Trump, and signaled he will begin changing the budget to include the $5 billion requested.

The House Freedom Caucus is said to be behind this push to keep his border security promise.

With the deadline to keep the government open tomorrow, there is little time to pass a spending bill if the government is to remain open over the holiday season. With democrats officially taking control of the House January 3rd, Trump will have even fewer opportunities to get this passed if he waits any longer. It may be his last chance to get his chief campaign promise passed.

Representative Steve Scalise drafted a measure to include $5 billion in the budget for the wall moments ago. If it passes the House, which is likely, then it will go to the Senate for final approval where it needs 60 votes to pass. The Republican majority is only 51 senators.

President Trump claims he would own the potential shutdown if it came to it. However, because Schumer is the one pushing back as the leader of the party of ‘no,’ the shut down will be on democrats for refusing to compromise.

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